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General Information
Ulva is a privately owned island with a thriving population of approximately 16 people who are involved variously in traditional sheep and cattle farming, fish farming, oyster farming and tourism.  There are no tarmac roads on Ulva, so no cars, just the 4 wheel cross country bikes used by all inhabitants, young and old.  The proprietors (the Howard family) are dedicated to creating a balance between the needs of the community and the preservation of one of Scotland's most unique, beautiful and accessible islands. 

Walking on Ulva
Stout footwear and protective clothing is advised for all walkers.  The terrain is rugged, the roads have no tarmac and there are some big puddles! 

Cyclists are welcome.  We would advise that bikes should be of the mountain bike variety as the tracks are very rough and adequate protective wear is advised. 

Can be arranged.  Please ring one of the telephone numbers listed overleaf for advice.  Guidelines have been drawn up in order to preserve the wilderness and wildlife for future generations and are on display at the Boat House.  Organised camping groups wishing to camp on Ulva Must contact the manager for advice well beforehand: 
Tel/Fax:  01688 500264 

Responsible dogs and their owners are welcome.  Dogs may be restricted to various areas especially during springtime (lambing) when the sight of a dog is enough to cause acute stress to sheep and wildlife.  Please observe the guidelines on display at the Boat House. 

Walking Groups
Are welcome and are advised to contact the Boat House by phone beforehand to avoid possible delays during busy periods, especially if meals are required. 

Car Parking
Parking is available in our car park just up from the pier at Ulva Ferry.  When this is full there is additional parking nearby. 


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Link to Mull and Iona Chamber of Commerce
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